The agitator design and mixer selection is closely integrated with the stirring purposes. Various agitating processes need to be operated by different stirring devices. When designing and selecting the mixing machines, firstly we should determine the model of the mixing impeller, motor power and stirring speed according to the agitating purposes and requirements. Then the speed reducer, frame, stirring shaft and shaft seal are selected.……read more
What motor rating is used is determined by the amount of torque required to move the load. Horsepower does not move the load, torque moves the load. A 1-hp, 6-pole motor will develop 50% more torque than a 1-hp, 4-pole motor If the manufacturer of the agitator is provided with the density of the material beforehand they should determine what torque is required and supply a motor to suit. If the original motor is going to be used it may be necessary to shave some material off of the agitator blade.……read more
It is possible to calculate the power required by an anchor impeller to mix a fluid of known viscosity and density. The motor power is at least 110% of the calculated impeller power. The motor power may be 125% to 200% of the impeller power, depending on the accuracy and certainty of the fluid viscosity. The power calculation is probably easier than the explanation.……read more