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PJ impeller is the most basic type of paddle impeller, at low speed, the horizontal circulation is the main flow, and at high speed, the radial flow is main. PJ impeller is suitable for low viscosity liquid mixing, uniform, mixing……more

XJ impeller can be made into 24°, 45° or 60 °angle, with axial and radial flow, the flow pattern is more complex than the flat blade, and the discharge performance is higher than that of flat leaf……more

HJ impeller is a new type of paddle impeller, which can replace XJ and ZJ. In the same condition, the discharge performance is higher than that of XJ, and the power level is flat and the comprehensive performance is better than XJ.……more


SCJ impeller is a type of multi section counter impeller, in the operation, SCJ impeller can promote the formation of a large axial circulation, can reduce the mixing time of 30% compared with the XJ impeller ……more

FJ impeller is a highly efficient axial flow impeller, add an auxiliary blade to the main blade, the auxiliary blade can eliminate the phenomenon of flow separation, which makes the mixing power decrease. At the same time, it can produce the vertical split……more


AJ impeller is combined of curved blade and oblique blade, suitable for the high school viscosity of mixed, homogeneous, heat transfer, reaction and other operations,  Generally use of multi-layers impellers……more


QJ impeller is a kind of variant of the oblique blade, the bottom of the rotating surface is close to the container, the blade plane and the vertical plane of the rotating angle of 45 degrees……more


The shape of BJ impeller is special, it is a professional mixer, suitable for washing and dyeing, the operation of the low speed range in the laminar flow operation.……more


The shape of HFJ impeller is special, two paddle of right and left with different height, the right-left paddle  are asymmetric, at low speed, the laminar flow conditions produce better micro shear effect.……more