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Agitator impeller- CBY impeller

The type of CBY  propeller can produce large axial circulation , by the strong axial convection sufficient reaction between the materials , the CBY impeller is a kind of axial flow type impeller,  good discharge performance , low shear force , under the same circumstances the effect of power consumption savings of about 30% , is particularly suitable for solid-liquid suspension of operation , according to the process requirements of the different conditions on the suspension mounting angle of the blade can be adjusted. After the production of steel cutting blender , pressed on a dedicated mold , all the blades in the same group to ensure the unity stirrer , a stirrer and a hub of welding also uses special mold after positioning welded to ensure consistent each mounting angle . Between the connecting plate and paddles stranding stranding bolt holes and ensure that the problem of displacement after the agitator installation.


  • Bulk chemicals
  • Polymers
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Biofuels and bio refineries
  • Hydrometallurgy

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