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BTD impeller is radial flow type impeller,  the paddle is parabolic surface, have low power consumption and powerful shearing force. Make it suitable for gas dispersing, absorbing, mass transferring, mixing and suspending..…… more

LY impeller, the blades have a dip angle, can make axial flow, good cycling performance, and the shear force is lower than that of the straight blade disc turbine, the blade has a large receding angle, good performance and low power consumption. Also used for general heat transfer, emulsification, etc…… more

WK impeller have almost all the characteristics of  flat blade turbine impeller,and because of its special structure, the discharge performance is better, the blade is not easy to wear, especially suitable for solid liquid suspension of solid content solution, generally use of the baffle………more

PK impeller is radial flow type mixer with a large range of use, used for a wide range of viscosity, PK impeller has high shear stress and turbulent diffusion ability. Because of there is no disc, will not hinder the upper and lower layers mixing,.……more