Paddle Impeller-ZLD

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Agitator impeller-ZLD

ZLD helical ribbon and screw impeller can match to cone-shaped reactor to complete a more perfect use effect, ZLD impeller also can be designed according to the requirements. used in processes of mixing and heat transfer of middle, high viscosity medium.

This type of mixer is a slow type agitator, often operated in the laminar flow region, and the liquid is formed along the spiral surface or the upper and lower cycle, which is suitable for the mixing and heat transfer process of medium and high viscosity liquids. LD stud with screw agitator band contour close to the inner surface of a stirred tank, mixing with large diameter and strengthen the circulation of liquid in the tank wall and heat transfer of high viscosity liquid is applicable. The LDG screw assembly, with the characteristics of the screw and the screw, and the inner periphery of the liquid, strengthen the circulation, especially for the non Newton type of the quasi plastic and visco elastic fluid. ZLD cone bottom screw type, ZLD cone bottom bolt with a screw type, which is characterized by bottom shape and tapered bottom match, according to the design requirements.

These low speed impellers operate in laminar region. Along the screwed plane, medium appears axial circulation flow. They are used in processes of mixing and heat transfer of middle, high viscosity medium. Outline of type LD is close to the inwall of tank and type LD has a large mixing diameter, result in the increase of liquid circulation inside the tank. It has applications in processes of heat transfer of high viscosity medium. Type LDG impeller combines the features of helical ribbon and screw impeller. Type ZLD and ZLG are suitable for taper-bottom tanks.

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