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This general paddle acts as horizontal circular flow at low speed and as radial flow at high speed. If there are baffles, result in axial circular flow. It is suitable for mixing, homogenizing, dissolving, heat transfer and crystallization in low viscosity medium. Or operates in laminar in high viscosity medium, be adopted multi-layer impellers of big diameter at low speed……more

paddle impeller

The axial flow paddles have large onflow diffusivity and low shearing force. It economizes power 30~40% in the same mixing intensity, and its mass transfer coefficient advanced 20% in the same power. It is used specially in processes of mass transferring, heat transfer, suspending and oxygen dissolving of biology ferment.……more

High Efficiency Impeller

The anchor impeller is the most economical laminar flow impeller. It is most effective in squatty batches where vertical pumping is not as important as in tall batches. It is low speed impellers which used in processes of mixing and heat transfer of middle, high viscosity medium.……more


anchor impeller

Helical Ribbon Impeller include single flight helical ribbon screw impeller and  double helical ribbon impeller. It is low speed impeller which operate in laminar region. Along the screwed plane, medium appears axial circulation flow. This kind of impeller are widely used in processes of mixing and heat transfer of middle, high viscosity medium..……more


SGD propeller

Turbine Type Impeller include Open Turbine Paddle impeller and Disc Turbine Paddle impeller, The rotating speed of turbine impeller is faster, generally 200~300rpm/min, The advantage of  turbine impeller is its low energy and high efficiency. Suitable for emulsion and suspension.……more


turbine impeller