Speed Reducer-S Series

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Reducer-S Series Speed Reducer

The description of S Series Speed Reducer

Besides the routine characteristics, S series helical-worm speed reducer adopts the helical gearworm wheel type to make the structure more reasonable. The series not only has higher transmission efficency and loading capability than those of single-stage worm wheel transmission, but also reduces space.Moreover,udner the close volume,the series can obtain higher transmission ratio and is more favorable for equipment setting. The product can be combined with various reducers and variators to meet the different requiements.

  • Highly Standard Modular Designed
  • Quality material ensures the product reliability
  •  High Strength,Compact Dimension
  • Long Service Life
  • Low Noise
  • High Efficiency
  •  Large radial loading ability
  • Axial load ability of up to 5% of radial load

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