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CBY impeller can produce large axial circulation, rely on the strong axial convective enable materials fully reaction, This kind of impeller is axial flow type blade, with good discharge performance, low shear force, and saving of about 30% power  with the same effect, especially suitable for liquid suspension operation.……more

ZCX impeller is  a kind of axial flow impeller with a wide range of applications,  its blade is an approximate equal pitch surface, with good discharging performance  and low shear stress,ZCX impeller is suitable for low viscosity liquid mixing and dissolving, suspended solid, heat transfer and reaction and crystallization..……more

TXL impeller is the most typical axial flow impeller, high discharge rate, low shear performance; installing a baffle or draft tube on the tank can get stronger axial circulation . The discharge performance is obviously improved, because it has a strong ability of cycling, low power consumption, this impeller can be used in the large capacity of  mixing process,  and it is widely used in low viscosity liquid heat transfer, reaction, solid-liquid ratio of suspension, dissolution, etc…….more


KSX impeller is a kind of axial-flow stirrer, spiral conic facial blade, with great turbulence diffusion capacity and low shear stress, with respect to the PY impeller, KSX impeller is especially suitable for the requirements of mass transfer, heat transfer, suspended solids and requirements low shear shear biological fermentation oxygen operation…….more