Water and wastewater agitators are critical components of the multi-step process of water and wastewater treatment. Water treatment requires precise control at each stage in its process – from rapid flash mixing to polymer addition. This control requires specific wastewater mixers designed by engineers focused on this process and industry.

Mixing solutions for water and wastewater treatment must address the intricacies of your processes, from G value specifications to tank and baffle geometries.While some chemicals simply need to be dissolved, others, such as lime slurries, require that solids be kept in suspension. Similarly, agglomerated particles formed in a flocculator tank are highly sensitive to shear. That’s why it’s critical to have a low shear polymer mixer that creates an axial flow pattern that won’t damage the particles.

Our engineer will select the perfect mixer and agitator for you, we will provide you a complete mixing solution. We understand your process, from flash mixing to chlorination, so we can  configure agitators and mixers specifically for your water and wastewater treatment applications.